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About blue herring

blue herring offers consulting for the digital enterprise. I support you with strategic planning and integration of digital technologies into your business - up to the development of new business models.


Together with my business partners Joachim Sadowski and Jan-Klaas Mahler I run
Rauchvergnügen – German Engineered Cigars.
A start-up company for hand-rolled cigars from the Dominican Republic.

blue herring

blue herring develops strategies for digital media - from a first presence to the integration of crowdsourcing mechanisms into your business model. I work with small and medium businesses as well as large corporations, developing solutions for an effective and productive use of digital technologies.

I help businesses with the integration of social media into the corporate strategy and with the development of their business model:
Digital change management and business model innovation
Integration of digital media into your company culture
Digital expansion of products and services
Risk management and communication crisis avoidance
Authentic brand communication and strategic brand development

For business model analysis I use Strategyzer and the Business Model Canvas

Oliver Nickels


Marketing communications and digital concept specialist

My qualification

More than 15 years of experience with marketing and business development, having worked with geniuses as well as with cowards. More than eight years with digital communication and as strategy consultant.

Marketing Manager Digital of IBM SoftwareGroup Germany and Social Media Strategist of IBM Deutschland GmbH until March 2012. Marketing and digital strategy consultant until today.

Lecturer for Social Media Marketing at University of Tübingen, Germany, since 2007.

My heritage

Diploma in Computer Science,extra-occupational study of marketing, various positions in sales and marketing at IBM: national, international, alliances, products, solutions, mid-market. Lots of experience with 360-Degree marketing, planning and execution of integrated marketing campaigns, customer events, fairs, brand development, lead management and reporting.

Awards: „Deutscher Direktmarketingpreis“ in Gold and Bronze, „Best of B2B“ in Gold, „Clio“ in Gold, as well as some IBM awards, e.G. „Innovation Marketing Award“.

My network

My consultancy is always neutral and independent. I don’t sell tools or agency services. I have a network of independent specialists who work with me on dedicated project tasks – with your agreement only.

Only the best are part of my network: specialists for customer contact management and dialog design, PR and special communications, monitoring and analysis, brand building and advertising.


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